Premium Lighters

Welcome to Scorch Torch and thank you for checking out our full line of artfully crafted torch lighters. Founded in Southern California by lifelong cigar aficionados, Michael and George Green, Scorch Torch lighters aim to embody superb quality, everyday functionality, and unique design.

For my brother Michael and I, lighting up is an activity that lights up our spirit wherever and whenever we decide to have a smoke with friends old or new. We often see guys with lighters that they are not particularly proud to take out of their pockets, or where the price does not justify the quality. Real aficionados are always proud of the products they are using. We know that by providing our fellow enthusiasts with a desirable and affordable line of lighters, we will undoubtedly add to the pleasure of their favorite past time. This inspired my brother and I to create a collection of unique cigar lighters for every cigar smoker out there. Not only do we want to offer you cigars that our friends would want, but more importantly, we want to offer products that won't dent your wallet and ones that you will receive quickly. Therefore, we decided to cut out all middlemen and offer our lighters directly on internet marketplaces such as Amazon.

From our collection of single to quad torches, all of our cigar lighters are ergonomically designed with easy to strike piezoelectric ignition to fit any of your lighting needs. In addition, many of them have built in cigar punchers for optimal utility. With good looking prices on all of our lighters, you have the real luxury of striking a different one for every occasion. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, whether you have just started lighting up, or are a long-time aficionado, Scorch Torch is the go-to butane torch lighter brand for uncompromising quality and affordability. We hope that our lighters will help you answer the one question of: What lights your fire?